Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?
Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?

Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?

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Ernest Solivan, 2007
140 blz.

Tennis players will spend hours working on shot making and strategies for an upcoming match, but what do they do to mentally prepare?
What do they do to insure that the decisions they make during competition best supports them in winning the match?
Mastering The Mental Side Of Tennis is a book specifically written for the mental side of tournament tennis.
From amateur to professional players, this remarkable book will show you step-by-step how to mentally prepare for your tournament match so that you are in a mental space that allows you to play your best.
It will also help you minimize and/or eliminate those mental errors during your match that adversely affects the outcome.
It is said that tennis is 95% mental and 5% physical. When you have finished reading Mastering The Mental Side Of Tennis you will understand why tennis is 100% mental.

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