Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?
Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?

Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?

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Auteur: Martin Van Daalen

Engelstalig | 448 pagina’s | februari 2017

Teaching Tennis Volume 2 is a comprehensive book for players, coaches, and parents to learn about the development of advanced tennis players. It contains technical, tactical, physical, and mental topics that show how to solve problems concerning all aspects of the game. It is the second of three books, with Volume 1 containing the fundamentals of the game. The third book will contain subjects for all levels of play on how to compete individually and in team events. This second book will have the following topics for its readers: —Showing the specifics in the development of advanced players and specialty strokes —A methodology and progression to teaching tennis at an advanced level —Technical, tactical, physical, and mental chapters —Information on all other aspects of the game —Examples of the strokes with photo sequences —How to make a training and tournament plan —Common mistakes and how to fix them —Extensive section on problem solving —Drills and exercises

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